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    summer is almost over. soon everything will change. lights will come on sooner. leaves will crack and die. birds will fly south. so will the old people. you won’t tap dance across those old wood floors in your underwear. you won’t sit on the edge of that roof to catch the fireworks. your skin will slowly fade back to that porcelain white. the sun will grow tired quicker. but for now this is what we have left. chasing fireflies down the sidewalk. staying up till the sky begins to glow a pale blue. dancing drunk on rooftops and letting the skyline fade into your eyes. letting the street lights paint your skin a soft yellow. chasing the moon when shes the brightest. waiting for someone to chase you like the moon. falling in love and falling apart. hold on to your bestfriends. spill secrets before they begin to grow like weeds in your stomach. 

    (Source: drewwilsonphoto, via letsfack)

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